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Rebel Roundup - 12/15/09

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Ole Miss official: Kansas hasn't inquired about Rebels coach Nutt |
Well, if Pete Boone says so...  Actually though, I have gathered from all of the recent hoopla that any discussions between Kansas and Nutt were just that--between Kansas and Nutt, not the Ole Miss athletic department.  By the way, Turner Gill is the new Jayhawks head coach, if you haven't noticed.

Rolling Rebels Move to Number 20 | Brandt
"Rolling" Rebels?  Whatever, Brandt.  I'll give you a pass because you cover basketball better than any beat writer I can recall.  He has some good notes on the UTEP game you should check out.  That's going to be a tough one, but a win there really will help our ranking and RPI. 

It's all in the Numbers | WJTV
Jason Hurst of WJTV takes a good look at RPI scores and how they are affecting both Ole Miss and Southern Piss (tAbLeS tUrNeD AGAIN!) with regards to poll rankings.  We Rebels and they Golden Eagles are both one-loss teams, with Southern's lone loss coming at our hands and our lone loss coming to a top-10 Villanova squad.  It's a good read, albeit a bit confusing because, after reading it, I had to ask myself, "where is Mississippi State on this list?"  I mean, they are the basketball powerhouse of the SEC West, right?  That's what they say, isn't it?

Ex-Pineville Star to Sign | The Town Talk dot Com
Damien Jackson, a four-star safety commit out of Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, was a star free safety at his hometown Pineville High.  Sayeth the article:

Jackson, the All-Cenla Defensive Player of the Year in 2007, is "the best free safety I've ever coached," said former Pineville football coach Mike Richard.

Sounds good to me.