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Rebel Roundup - 12/14/09

Yeah, it's 3:30.  So what?  I spent every minute since 7:45 this morning trying to recover from that awesome party I had with all those chicks and their revealing clothes.  Of course, I didn't really have an awesome hangover this morning.  I just went to work and forgot that I told Ghost I would do the roundup.  Sue me.

Oh, and don't expect it to be well-formatted like Ghost does it.

The enemy of my enemy.  The folks over at the Rivalry, Esq. have taken the blogger Q and A to a whole new degree of separation in a segment called "The enemy of my enemy."  Fans of Penn State, who is facing our rival LSU Tigers in the Cotton Bowl, asked JUCO some questions about those punks.  And JUCO answered those questions.  But before you click that link, be prepared - The Rivalry, Esq. has this very offensive rendering of William T. Sherman with the caption "Defending the Union since 1865" displayed prominently on their site.  Everything JUCO said is safe for children.  William Tecumseh Sherman - former president of LSU, remember - is not.

Wayne Dorsey commits to Ole Miss.  The five-star defensive end out of Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College is heralded as the top DL recruit in the country.  What'd your parents think of Oxford, Wayne?

"I think my mom just loved the city and the coaches and the campus. My mom and dad kept commenting how beautiful it was around the campus and town. That really surprised them.  You know how the south and Mississippi kind of get a bad rap up north.  Once they saw those things were not true, they gave me their blessing.

If "south" is correlated with ugliness and mean old racism, does that mean that, by virtue of being that school up north, Ole Miss is, by operation of logic, less ugly and racist than State?  Welcome to Ole Miss, Wayne.  Knock some heads and bust some stereotypes all you want.

Buckeyes avoid the upset versus Lady Rebels.  Ohio State rallied back in the Tad Pad to beat the Ole Miss Wimmerns 79-77.  The Lady Rebels were hosting a book drive last night in Oxford for the illiterate of Lafayette County.  Maybe that turned out better.

Houston Nutt rumored to be receiving interest from Dallas.  More details here.