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Tyrone Nix to Florida?

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Long-time Florida defensive coordinator Charlie Strong was named yesterday as the new head coach for the Louisville Cardinals.  Today, signs are pointing to Urban Meyer and the Gators hiring Ole Miss Rebel defensive coordinator Tyrone Nix to take Strong's place.

From Chris Low:

It looks like Urban Meyer’s top choice to replace Charlie Strong as defensive coordinator is Ole Miss defensive coordinator Tyrone Nix, who’s already met with Meyer about the job. Nix has done an excellent job with the Rebels’ defense the past two seasons and could also be in the mix at Georgia.

Let's hope not.  For all the grief short-memoried Rebel fans are willing to give Nix about our defensive performance in the Egg Bowl, Tyrone Nix has made our defense the strength of our team, something which hasn't been seen in Oxford in well over a decade.  The Rebels were in the top half of the conference in every major defensive category aside from interceptions and opponents' 4th down conversions.  The Rebels were even top-three in sacks (#2, one sack fewer than Florida's 35), opponents 3rd down conversions (30.7 percent, behind Florida's 30.2 and Alabama's 29.4), and red zone defense (72.5 percent opponents scoring rate, a bit lower than Alabama's 65.2).

Nix's defenses are aggressive, innovative with blitzes, and rely heavily on sound fundamentals.  Even with a perpetually injured Greg Hardy, problematic linebacker corps, and razor thin secondary, the Rebel defense gave nearly every one of our opposing offenses fits.

Tyrone Nix, please stay.  Houston Nutt, tell Pete Boone you're looking at the Cincy job and use whatever money you squeeze out of him to give Nix a raise.  Pete Boone, for shit's sake have a contingency plan of some sorts.  Urban Meyer is a ruthless bastard and will do what it takes to get what it wants.  Hopefully we can nut up and take care of our own this time.