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Rebel Roundup - 12/10/09

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It was last night.  We talked basketball, bowls, and revealed the Cup's picks for the Heisman Trophy.  Our winner: NDamokung Suh.  Not only did we select him because he is the most dominant defensive tackle of easily the last decade, but we also felt our own safety would be in jeopardy had we selected otherwise.  Also, FotC NewportRebel joined us during the last half of the show or so. 

Final Thoughts on Nutt/Kansas | Brandt
David Brandt asks whether or not "two job flirtations in two years cause Nutt to lose some of the momentum he's built wihtin the program."  His commentors then ask "Why the negative slant, David?"  And, "David, is it really that hard for Clarion-Ledger sportswriters, or writers in general at the CL to put a positive spin on stories about Ole Miss?"  And even, "Have you noticed the broadening of the gray patch around his temples?"

Clarion Ledger dot com commentors: once again proving that most aging Mississippians shouldn't be allowed anywhere near computers with internet access.  Leave it to them to allow the concept of a BLOG post entitled "Final THOUGHTS on blabbity bla bla" to completely soar right the fuck over their pissant brains.  "Negative slant?"  David Brandt can write whatever he wants with whatever "slant" he wants on a blog, you idiots. 

I imagine that David Brandt, deep down inside, hates most of his blog commentors.  Just a guess.  And, yeah, I know he's the de facto EotC, but he's also a sports blogger-ish, so I felt a need to rant.

Ole Miss season review | ESPN dot com 
Chris Low is looking back at every SEC team's respective season and, for Ole Miss, concludes

 Eight wins in the SEC is never anything to sneeze at, and it’s also the first time since 1989 and 1990 that Ole Miss has won at least eight games in back-to-back seasons. But with the talent on this team, and especially with the number of seniors playing key roles, there was a real expectation for this club to at least compete for the West title.

That's fair enough.

Strong Emotional in Press Conference | Palm Beach Post dot com
Charlie Strong has earned this.  Also, he apparently interviewed at Mississippi State for a head coaching job at one point, yet wasn't hired.  Hey State:

You see how easy that is?  Like friggin' tee ball.