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Housekeeping Matters

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As all of you have surely noticed, we are very lenient on the banhammer and delete comments button around here.  The only true bannings we've laid down were to combat spammers and the maybe half-dozen comments we've deleted out of the thousands we've seen were removed for being just way out of line.

Suffice it to say that we let y'all roam free.  For the most part, everybody is well behaved and gets the gist of the site.  Even opposing fans have come over, gotten "what we do," and become some of our favorite commenters. 

But have we given folks too much freedom?

A big problem we are starting to have more and more after each week of football is what a lot of folks would define as "trolling".  That is, people sign up for an account, post something shitty and stupid with the sole intention of being a cock, and then leave, only to return the next time they feel like showing up and spraying their vomit again.  Normally, this comes after a game, most likely when the Rebels lose or win in a close, controversial fashion. 

Why is this a problem?  Because it doesn't foster discussion.  Anybody with a bad additude, a misguided notion that they're actually clever, and the propensity to operate a QWERTY keyboard can check the little box and start posting "LMAO @ OLD PISS wEEBALS!"  We don't mind opposing ribbing and we certainly don't mind opposing viewpoints on college athletics and the culture thereof, but we'd prefer it to come from someone who wants to be a part of a real, developing discussion.  Also, it helps if that person is interesting.

If someone is going to show up late to the party or even after the fact altogether, and post a bunch of garbage without having participated in anything prior to a game or event--whether that be HATE WEEK, Red Cup Radio, a Fanshot, or even a little Rebel Roundup post--then that person is exceedingly lame.  We may not succeed every time at this, but we do try to keep lame-ass garbage as far from the Cup as we can.

So we can do one of four things: lay the banhammer without warning on unsuspecting idiots; give clear, public warnings and very strictly enforce them; employ a "probationary period" of membership where one "joins" the Cup a full 24-hours before they're actually allowed to post; or we could just leave it be because it doesn't bother you, the readers, that much at all.

What say you?