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Rebel Roundup - 12/1/09

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OSU, Ole Miss Expected in Cotton | Tulsa World dot com
Looks like we'll be seeing a rematch of the 2003 Cotton Bowl.  Not too shabby for a season which includes an Egg Bowl loss, I guess.  Although this bloggeur feels that the Rebels have proven their worth against Big XII opponents, it's damn better than ending up in Memphis or Bimingham.

Islanders fall to Ole Miss | Caller dot com
I too thought this was some bizarre ice hockey reference.  In reality, this is a nice recap of our men's basketball team's most recent victory.

A Brief Recap of the SEC | Roll Bama Roll
From Nico2.0 (who in the hell was Nico1.0?) comes this:

Ole Miss: In the preseason, the Rebels were picked as a  BCS sleeper, but that all came crashing down with an ugly/incompetent loss to South Carolina in their third game. They finished with an 8-4 record record (though they had two FCS teams on their schedule) and ended up third in the division behind Alabama and LSU. It's not where they want to be as a program, but it's light years ahead of where they were with the Orgeron behind the wheel.

I'd say that's fair enough.

Saturday Lessons | Team Speed Kills
Year 2 posits that "it was an interesting finish in Mississippi."  Year 2, I am never "interested" in a loss to Mississippi State.

A Stinker of an Egg Bowl | ESPN dot com
Cute pun-ish kinda thing there, Chris Low.  As much as I tell myself that I'm over this past weekend's events, visions of Chris Relf somehow getting first downs continue to jump into my thoughts, taunting me while I goof off on Twitter catch up on a few weeks worth of email.  It's just so hard to fathom that with a Capital One Bowl bid on the line our coaches came up with no new game plan (displaying a complete lack of respect for the Bulldog defense), defense couldn't tackle a quadraplegic sloth, and offense couldn't move the ball in chunks greater than a couple of yards aside from a few plays.  Oh well.  Whatever.