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Rebel Roundup - 11/9/09 - The Wall Came Tumblin' Down

Communism sucked.   

Historically, Today is Kindof a Big Deal

I worry that my generation, being the first in a long time to grow up without a true, powerful communist entity in the world, cannot really grasp the weight of the events which occurred on November the 9th, 1989.  I know this is a Rebel sports blog and all, but I suggest y'all read up on the Iron Curtain, Soviet Bloc, Berlin Wall, and German Reunification sometime today.  You'll enjoy it.

Extra Motivation Not Needed |
Hey, do you remember that coach that we had for a few years; the one who turned our football team into an unmotivated heap of wasted potential, program into a national punchline, and fan-base into a bunch of stargazing recruitin' geeks?  Yeah well he coaches for a team we're playing this Saturday.  Read up.

This Week For Ole Miss | The Clarion Ledger
Here's a look at the Volunteer offenses and defenses in brief, paragraphed blurbs.  The numbers I'm seeing don't exactly thrill me.

Rebel Yawn | The Commercial Appeal
The Commercial Appeal points out that Rebel fans and players weren't thrilled about playing a D1-AA (or FCS, whatever) opponent during the first week of November a week after an agonizing loss to Auburn.  They dedicated several hundred words to this endeavor.  Tomorrow in the CA, expect a 700-word prediction of the sun setting that evening, only to rise again the next day.

3 Questions with Keith Carter | The Sporting News
Basketball talk here.  Keith Carter, the former All-American Rebel guard and current radio analyst, discusses Terrico White, Chris Warren, and the Rebels' chances in the SEC this season.  Later today or tomorrow, expect the Cup's comprehensive basketball preview which is more-or-less complete sans this guy's contribution.  I've been kinda lazy this past week.