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What's on? October 7

Ole Miss is playing NAU which is basically an excuse for those of us out of town to "watch the game" while lazily grilling the delicious, fatty portions of some walking hunk of corn-fed biomass while drinking a few cheap cold ones and [ILLICIT DRUG USE REDACTED].  Those in town will half-fill the stadium, leave at halftime, then eat cold chicken tenders in the Grove while immediately regretting the decision to spend money on travelling to and from Oxford in order to watch the Rebels play a cupcake opponent in November.

So yeah, we'll watch it, albeit unenthusiastically.  What else is on though?  As far as I am concerned, I will be watching:

(maybe) Northwestern @ Iowa

Sakerlina @ Arkinsaw

Ellessyoo @ Allabammarowtahd

Navy @ Notre Dame

Ohio State @ Penn State

(maybe) Vanderbilt @ Florida