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Rebel Roundup - 11/6/09 - Catfight!

So, Elizabeth, do you wanna play left tackle at Ole Miss?

Okay, Let's Try this Again
Maybe it'll work, maybe it won't.  Either way, it's Friday before a meaningless Rebel football game.  Find something to do.

Does the SEC Have Any Good Closers? | Team Speed Kills
Do any SEC coaches have clearly better November records versus their overall records? Year 2 and this blasphemy he calls "mathematics" attempts to answer just that. Here's what he says about Houston Nutt: The only other coach who was at least five percentage points better than his overall record in November was Nutt. He was helped out by having Mississippi State and more often than not a non-conference tomato can in his Arkansas Novembers, and his 4-0 record at Ole Miss last year gave him a boost.

Ole Miss' Austin comes to Snead's defense | ESPN
I've convinced myself that either Austin isn't doing his job (BECUZ OF HOOTEN) or Jevan Snead is just uncoachable in the "don't do dumb shit for half of the game" department.

UM offense undergoes makeover | The Clarion-Ledger
Speaking of Kent Austin, Brandt reports that we should have a more streamlined offense debuting against NAU. I guess the idea is to simplify what we've got to keep Snead from throwing horrible picks after dancing around the pocket on his tiptoes. It won't matter though if we can't get a few linemen who actually use their athletic potential to, you know, knock the shit out of defensive linemen.

Ole Miss to crack down on early tailgaters | WREG
That damn fascist Dan Jones just keeps nippin' away at our freedoms bit-by-bit! Pretty soon he'll invade the Sudedenland and bomb London into rubble! What's his reasoning here, you wonder? Something about how having people set up tents on campus earlier in the evenings on Friday causes an "academic disruption". IF I WANT TO DISRUPT ACADEMICS THAT IS NOT OF YOUR BUSINESS DAN!