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Rebel Roundup - 11/5/09

Here's a good reason to love lumberjacks: They make hippies cry.

Read SSMUND's FanPost Below
Do it.  I frontpag'd it for everybody.  You're welcome.

Shep Smith has a Word for Ole Miss Fans |
First it was on the message boards.  Then ESPN.  Then the Lyceum got involved.  Then Fox News.  But nowFor people who still don't get why TSWRA is a problem, read this and pay special attention to the comments thread.  If you then don't realize that these types of things make us look bad to damn near everybody outside of the Ole Miss community then you're a stupid, stubborn asshole.  "But man who cares what they think right?  Fuck 'em whooooooo!"

Nutt Says Chat Must Go | The Clarion Ledger
Whatever, Houston Nutt is a part of Dan Jones Traditionsgegenkämpferebrigade and just wants to maniacally destroy us from within because he is inexplicably malicious towards a place which pays him millions of dollars.  Right?  Becuase that's the kind of stuff these people believe.

Rebel Coaches Pushing Hardy | Brandt
After four years, he still needs pushing.  C'mon Hardy, just be normal for, shit, five minutes or something.  Will this guy ever give us a full game of incredible football ever again as he did that one time during the Doyle Jackson game.

SEC Basketball Preview | The Sports Network
This one's more of the same from yesterday's dump o' links, but if you're looking for anything to take your mind off of Rebel football, this could help.