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Rebel Roundup - 11/30 - JUCO edition

Ghost, probably still in a drunken stupor from the weekend, asked me to do the Rebel Roundup today because he's flying home or something. I don't really know. I wasn't paying attention.

Chris Lowe's SEC Bowl Predictions | ESPN

Sure, Chris Lowe has probably done, you know, research and stuff. Maybe he even talked to some bowl reps about it. I'm still holding out for the Cotton Bowl. I know that back to back appearances are usually not desirable to fan bases, but the Cotton Bowl is six hours away and features a brand new stadium. Seriously, I think they have heated seats or something.

Henry Provides Rebels 'Perfect' Boost | EotC David Brandt

Yeah. Terrance Henry came up pretty strong against TAMCC. Let's see if that translates to any significant increase in playing time down the stretch. His stats look good, but will this be another case of one good game not earning much from Kennedy? Last season against New Orleans Kevin Cantinol played for 23 minutes, going 4-4 from the field, pulling down four boards, and registering one block. Then he did nothing for the rest of the season, even though the Rebels were down three scholarship players. Terrance Henry is certainly more talented than Cantinol and will see significantly more time than KC, but I don't think we should make too much of the fact that he's shooting 100% from the field on the season.

Lady Roundball Rebels are Tournament Champions |

If the Lady Rebs stand a chance of making noise this season, Bianca Thomas will have to continue to produce. Thomas scored 30 points in the championship game against FAU and is the SEC points leader so far this season. This win pushes the Rebels to 5-1 on the year. Keep it up Lady Rebs.