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Rebel Roundup - 11/3/09

Site Redesign
SBNation has gone network-wide with new skins for all of their blog communities.  Let us know what you think and, in turn, we'll let the techie guys know what the Cup en masse thinks.  Don't worry, they know me; they'll listen. 

What do we know about NAU? | Brandt
Well, David, for starters we know that we love them, their mascot, their traditions, their precious little quarterback, and their trees!  Is there something else we should know? 

Saturday Lessons | Team Speed Kills
"Ole Miss was a mirage."  Actually, sir, Ole Miss was Ole Miss.  I had convinced myself that this would be the year where the Rebels finally live up to their ranking in something, anything.  Now, I am certain that will never happen.  What's that you say?  We're picked to be 2nd in the West in the SEC for mens basketball this season?  Well that means we'll either win the whole damn thing or finish close towards the bottom!  Screw prognostications!  We're Ole Miss.

Ole Miss may drop fight song |
That's right, this zombie of an issue has resurfaced.  Chancellor Jones has boldly proclaimed to ban "From Dixie With Love" altogether if TSWRA doesn't stop.  The retarded half of the Ole Miss student body--a group of several thousand poorly educated white suburbanites who have little understanding of history or regard for the feelings of minorities--will surely miss the agonizing irony of an actual gameday tradition being removed to spite the misguided crusade to protect the pseudo-tradition that is TSWRA. 

To those idiots, I've a song: