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Rebels in the Pros: Week Ocho

The Falcons-Saints game is hardly over on Monday Night Football (see: 90 percent of the country mutes the commentators), but we're forging around taking a look at how our alumni did this week in THA LEAGUE(i.e. ultimate Batesville economic indicator, where C.C. Sabathia should be playing and overpriced tickets are readily available).

If you'd like to see how Mississippi State players did in the NFL this week, go to Gene's Page with all the other bULlFrAuDS!!!11!


Charlie Anderson, LB, Miami Dolphins: victorious over the New York Jets, 30-25. Anderson snapped up three tackles matching his season total thus far. Ted Ginn, Jr. pretty much single-handedly won the game for the 'Fins. Anderson needs to throw up the Landshark fin on big plays since he plays in the stadium with the beer namesake.

Ken Lucas, CB, Seattle Seahawks: defeated by the Dallas Cowboys, 38-17. Lucas notched seven tackles, and when you're a CB in the NFL, that's not a statistic you want to see happen very often. Tony Romo sacked up Sunday, and Lucas was forced to make a lot of plays in the secondary. Lucas now has 29 tackles for the year, nearly half of his total last year(60).

Eli Manning, QB, New York Giants: defeated by the Philadelphia Eagles, 40-17. I'm sure the media in New York are picking up their pitchforks for the witch-hunt after three losses in a row. Headlines like "You're NOT the Man-ning" are prevalent without a doubt("Plantar fasci-I don't give a damn, get better" also seen). Eli went 20-39 for 222 yards, 1 TD, 2 INT.

Michael Oher, OT, Baltimore Ravens: victorious over the Denver Broncos, 30-7. Busy getting hassled over the debut of the movie about his life. Sandra Bullock, you need to stop trying to act Southern.

Ashlee Palmer, LB, Buffalo Bills: defeated by the Houston Texans, 31-10. Palmer snatched up one tackle and has 15 for the season. I honestly didn't watch a single second of this game, because well, it's the Bills-Texans.

Jamarca Sanford, S, Minnesota Vikings: victorious over the Green Bay Packers, 38-26. Grabbed three tackles in the Vikings convincing win over Green Bay. Jamarca only has seven tackles for the year, but it seems like his PT has increased each game.

Patrick Willis, LB, San Francisco 49ers: defeated by the Indianapolis Colts, 18-14. P-Willie is the 49er defense. Period. Eight tackles this week including a pass defended against the streaking Colts. Willis is averaging nearly ten tackles per game.

There's not really one player that stuck out in their play this week, so no one gets old balls Rebel of the Week. What? You say that's not fair. Well, get the hell out of here then.