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Post Game: MSU

Well, this isn't going to be long-winded. I don't feel like making excuses, criticizing coaches or players, or belittling MSU fans. I don't feel like analyzing the game, because there wasn't much to analyze. I don't feel like it, because once I got the initial frustration out of my system, I wasn't crushed by this loss. I was... annoyed.

So let's get it out in the open without sugar-coating or over-analyzing it; we were thoroughly out-coached and out-played today, and we failed to capitalize on the chance to go to a great bowl we've never been to and play a prestigious team we've never played. Next year, we're likely to beat State in a blowout, but it won't matter much, because we're infinitely less likely to be hunting for our 9th win. This was a year when we needed to beat them, and we came out with a poor game plan on both sides of the ball, and a lackluster effort to match.

I sincerely hope that the coaches and players learned not to overlook an MSU team with nothing to play for. That kind of effort was tough to watch. It's hard to cheer for a team when you don't respect the effort they bring to the field. 

I really wish that some of our fans wouldn't get so bent out of shape over this loss. That sounds funny coming from me (I fumed for a good 15 minutes afterwards, said some silly things), but really... don't give MSU fans the satisfaction. We hung around for a while and congratulated the passing State folks. Some of them were nice, but some of them seemed genuinely bothered that we weren't acting like dicks about it. Don't feed their need to make us the bad guys; it's bad for both schools.

As Ghost mentioned earlier, some Ole Miss fan tried to pick a fight with Ivory Tower, seemingly because IT wasn't acting pissed-off enough over the loss. IT, being more of a lover than a fighter, was able to put this fellow in his place with more wit and class than I was presently willing or able to employ. IT, thanks for not making me fight a guy 5 inches taller than me to defend your honor. It probably would've ended badly. Seriously though (somewhat talking to self): getting torn up over losing to State is ridiculous. My strategy (adopted today) is to play it off and be too nice to them. You should try it, too.

As much as I feel obligated to cuss and rant, I really can't do it. The team royally pissed me off, maybe to the extent where I've temporarily lost interest. The weekend was fun, and I guess we'll still go to a decent bowl. Could be worse: we could live in Starkville.

Hotty Toddy, and goodnight.