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Rebel of the Week Results - 11/15 - 11/21

I'm actually surprised that Dexter McCluster won the Rebel of the Week award this week. Sure, his performance was excellent, but I think that Shay Hodge and Emmanuel Stephens had a more profound impact in pivotal situations. A back with Dexter's abilities is always deserving. I guess I just figured that Shay Hodge's ability to get open repeatedly on third down when paired against Patrick Peterson with a shadow by Chad Jones, would beat out McCluster's 166 yard performance.

Anyway, Dexter was ridiculous as always and changed the game even when many didn't notice. Our offense against LSU was built around using Dexter as a decoy. Ghost and I re-watched Jesse Grandy's touchdown run numerous times, and the way that Dex changed that play is remarkable. The entire defense, even on the side to which Grandy ran, stops in their shoes when the ball is faked to Dex. Because of this, Grandy only had to make it past a juked-out Patrick Peterson to waltz into the end zone. Beautiful.

That's just one of many times that Dexter was on the field with no intention of getting the ball yet forcing the defense to change the way they played. We're going to miss him so much.