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RCR Theatre: The Blind Side Review

Squires, ladies, children alike should flock to a locality of cinematic production to view the newly released tale of a large gentleman who fought valiantly in the trenches for our Ole Miss Rebels. 

He avoided the treacheries of the slums, escaping the harrowing tribulations of the foster care system, an opium addicted mother and poor fashion taste only to find himself in the loving arms of a restauranteur's family.

Continue for further analysis of this piece of film.

Alright, enough of that 19th century shit. 

GO SEE THIS DAMN MOVIE! Go to hell Robert Pattinson! The Blind Side is a lunar ECLIPSE!!1!!!!!!11!1

I attended the majestic Malco Theater in Southaven on Sunday with my wife and in-laws to take in The Blind Side. I was skeptical going into this movie, because I didn't know how much Hollywood was going to add to the story/book by Michael Lewis. I was pleasantly surprised.

The movie opens with Lawrence Taylor snapped Joe Theismann's leg. It connects the importance of the tackle position in football to the molding of Michael Oher and his uncanny protective instincts.

Now, honestly, Disney added some corny scenes. Sandra Bullock driving a six figure Beamer into Hurt Village and threatening a gang banger with violence was ridiculous. Maybe it really happened, but I would very much doubt it.

There's a few moments where I was fairly moved, not because of Oher's story, but because there is an unknown number of children, teenagers and adults who will never or never make it out of bad situations. There's a few lines in the movie that just makes you want to give money to poor people, and I don't even have much money to give.

Bullock did a little better than the trailers first showed. Her accent was too thick for a wealthy family from East Memphis. She was flat out smokin' in some of the scenes, also.

Tim McGraw wasn't believable in my opinion. He didn't seem like a former athlete, but just a sports junkie who never stands up to his wife(btw, don't tell my wife I said that).

The little guy that plays "SJ" steals the movie for most people. It's just good casting. I hope the real life "SJ" isn't a huge loser that manages Taco Bell's for his dad.

Ed Orgeron doesn't have a future in acting. He's a cartoon. I don't ever want to see him wearing Ole Miss regalia again. 

Finally, Quinton Aaron should've played football. Does he have any eligibility left? That's how much I thought of his performance. Good gravy, he's a massive human being.

Get your opinion on.