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Around the SEC West

After a two-week hiatus due to forgetting this was even a segment.... Around the SEC is back. Brian Walker's coverage of the East is here. My breakdown of the West follows.


ALABAMA 10-0 (7-0 SEC)

Alabama rocked MSU's world last week. Yes, it could have been closer as MSU missed a few opportunities and probably did have a TD stolen from them by the refs. However, the Crimson Tide held Tyson Lee to only 99 yardds passing, which may not be too big a feat, but considering that State was in a hole for most of the game, Alabama holding the opposition to 99 yards throught the air was a statement. This week, the Elephants play at home vs. Chattanooga on the SEC Network at 11:21. I'm predicting a nail-biter.

ARKANSAS 6-4 (2-4 SEC) 

Arkansas destroyed Troy to the tune of 56-20, with Ryan Mallet passing for 405 yards and five touchdowns. Arkansas did run more than they passed, but not by much. I understand that Petrino wants to get the offense really clicking, but to throw the ball so much against a team that is vastly inferior to your team in terms of talent probably isn't the best way to improve upon the popular opinion that Bobby is an asshole. But hey, no one expects the Razorbacks to hold anything back this week against MSU. Catch that game on the SEC Network at 11:21? What? How is that going to work with Alabama's game? Well, whatever. That's how it's listed.

AUBURN 7-4 (3-4 SEC) Bye

Auburn looked like they were going to crush Georgia last week, going up 14-0 in the first quarter. However, from that point on, Auburn's only real big play came on a Demond Washington 99-yard kick return for touchdown. Auburn's offense is very strange this year. They show up against some decent defenses but then don't against teams they should beat. They have a bye this week with a chance to get things together. Here's my advice: give Onterio McCalebb the ball more. He does good things with it.

LSU 8-2 (4-2 SEC)

LSU struggled against Louisiana Tech last week, but I wouldn't read too much into that. Jarrett Lee had a terrible day, but that was to be expected. There's not a school in the SEC to which Lee could transfer and start. Yes. I'm including Vanderbilt in that. Keiland Williams performed well in his first game of starting duty this season, but it was against LA Tech, so it's tough to make any real judgment. As you all know, the Tigers play our own Ole Miss Rebels at 2:30 on CBS. Watch it.

STATE 4-6 (2-4 SEC) 

Mississippi State struggled offensively against Alabama. I know that there's some post going around the internet from Gene's page where someone ridiculous said that they essentially beat Alabama, but they didn't. They were killed. If the rumor is true that Tyler Russell is considering transferring, then the future of Mississippi State rests solely in the hands of a yet-to-commit dual-threat quarterback who's tearing it up in the JUCO ranks. See... my profile and name. State plays at Arkansas this Saturday at 11:21 on SEC Network. You have my permission to watch this in the Grove.