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Rebel Roundup - 11/2/09

Don't Blame Me
Blame it on the a- a- a- a- a- alcohol, the Ho- ho- ho- ho- ho- holloween, or the lo- lo- lo- loss to Au-uh-burn, but our sails were a bit de-windified this weekend.  I don't know whether or not Whiskey Wednesday will issue a postgame report because, frankly, I haven't heard a peep out of the guy for at least four days.  Ivory and Juco made the trip to Auburn and hopefully have some, I dunno, funny pictures or some shit to share as a result.  I kinda-sorta went on a legit bender over the weekend and currently feel like I was tossed in a cement truck tumbler full of ball bearings.  So, yeah, we're full of excuses as to why there isn't much going on here.  Let's hope we get out of the funk and bring you, our readers, with.

This Week for Ole Miss | The Clarion-Ledger
Yay!  We get to kick the horse-shit out of UNA and still remain bowl-ineligible despite six wins!

Auburn Football: Etheridge Out For Season |
In a moment which, while appropriately on Halloween, was far too frightening for any Saturday afternoon, Auburn defensive back Zac Etheridge lied motionless on the field at Jordon-Hare after suffering a neck injury.  Attempting to tackle Rodney Scott (who, by the way, has earned props from the Auburn faithful for his patience and strong will during those few harrowing minutes in which they were on the field being tended to by the medical staff), Etheridge's head and neck slammed into a fellow defender, rendering him temporarily motionless.  While he should thankfully be able to recover from this, we Rebels couldn't help but think of Chucky Mullins which, I cannot lie, weighed pretty heavily on my heart as I was watching the game.  Moments like those tend to blur the lines between what is and isn't sport which--being as sport is nothing more than a method by which we human beings release our hidden, innate desires to wage war with one another (seriously, psychologists believe this)--is something which really shouldn't ever happen.  Get well Zac.  You've got fans here at the Cup.

Get over it
That's all for right now.  More later 'n' such.  I promise.