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Women of the Opposition: LSU

Yep, it's here. LSU wimmens.

We've discussed deeply the special breeds of wimmens in the SEC. You have the 'Bama where wimmens pee in bushes in public. You have the South Carolina wimmens who are pretty to look at until you notice their COCKS ARE WELCOME lower back tattoo. You have Arkansas wimmens who used to be men.

But now we move on to a new spectrum of wimmens rarely ever seen in the wild: LSU wimmens. Oh, look, there's one now. 

Disclaimer: if you're at work, just wait until you get home to look. There's no nudity but definitely a some shady photos.

I gotta be honest. I thought the one in the middle was an old man for about 10 minutes.


Well, I can't say that I don't approve of this. I spell classy: F-U-N-N-E-L. 


Damn, is that orange skin? Also, a creeper on the left.


Um, hello? You have horrible split ends. Isn't that the first thing you noticed?????


Classic LSU girls. Jerseys with jirts(jean skirts). I'm guessing you wear the jersey of the player you slept with the night before(congrats #94).




We know you have more, possibly greater and better photos of these rare wimmens. Share and enjoy.