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Rebel Roundup - 11/19/09

This is the best basketball promo video Ole Miss has ever had. 

Red Cup Radio
That was last night and it was a damn blast. Seriously, one of our best shows. Poseur joined in along with Smeargle and Ivory Tower for an hour and a half of football talk sprinkled with nonsense.

Puerto Rico Tip-Off: The Field | Crimson Quarry
From SBNation's Indiana Hoosiers blog comes this look at all of the teams involved in the weekend's Puerto Rico Tip-Off. 

Young Hoosiers Should Test Rebs | Clarion Ledger

"This is going to be a huge statement game for us," Polynice said. "We're trying to put Ole Miss back on the map, show people we're for real and that we're not playing around."

Get it, Eniel.

Don't Bet on it | DawgSports
The Mayor predicts a Rebel loss this weekend.  Honestly--and this isn't any sort of a dig at T. Kyle King or his site--I don't know why I'm still linking this segment.  I guess it's a good look at the upcoming SEC slate and all, but Mayor King has been incorrect in each of our last three SEC games.  Yep, he predicted the Hogs and Vols to better the Rebs; predictions which were sandwiched around another false prediction that our Rebels would defeat the Auburn Tigers.  Hell, I guess I'm somehow suggesting that seeing his prediction of a Rebel loss actually makes me feel better about our chances this weekend.

College Football LOLCats | FOTP
Frinds of da Program is all up in your browsers, makin u rotfl