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Rebel Roundup - 11/18/09

FOTP Live and Loud
I was on it again last night.  I wasn't technically a part of the dockett, but fuck it.  Listen to me say drunkenly say creepy things and exchange pleasantries with Bunkie and Godfrey for a little bit of that Wednesday morning excitement you're looking for.

Ole Miss Aiming for Third Straight Win | The Missipp' Press
Just some quick game notes on the upcoming mAgNoLiA bOwL...  Thanks for the goofy game name, LSU.

LSU QB Jefferson Could Play | ESPN
As you should know, LSU QB Jordan Jefferson has missed some time over the past few weeks with a tweaked ankle.  He's practicing now and should see action against our Rebels.  This isn't great news for our Rebels, not because Jordan Jefferson is particularly good, but because his backup, Jarrett Lee, is particularly bad.


Kentrell Lockett is a Good Rebel | Clarion Ledger dot Com
Kentrell Lockett, being from Hahnville, LA, is surrounded by LSU fans.  He hates his existence because of this.  LSU does that to people.  Lockett, though, takes it in stride and even takes methods to return the hate--methods such as denying Ole Miss vs. LSU tickets to his Uncle Adrian because he wants VHS to have one fewer purple 'n' yellow windbreaker this Saturday.