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Rebel of the Week Results - Tennessee

In a surprising upset, FS Kendrick Lewis won the Rebel of the Week over Dexter McCluster for Lewis' ten tackle day.

No. Dex won. And you know, I'm not sure that his performance can be overstated. Dexter totally killed the will of Monte Kiffin's defense. If you for some reason have them on video, watch the gameplans that Kiffin devised to stop Alabama and Florida's offenses. Now consider that Kiffin had three games of our new offensive philosophy (Give it to Dexter McCluster and watch him make something happen) to counter. Sure, we ran some new plays against the Hunter Orange, namely that super-nifty misdirection that tore them up, but in general, we ran generic Wild Rebel plays, screens, and even a good number of runs up the middle that Dex bounced outside.

I know. Dexter McCluster is impossible to defend. Whatever. It might have helped if Tennessee had played their linebackers in non-traditional 4-3 locations, but that's beside the point.

The point is that Dexter McCluster made a team that was barking at the top 25's door look like an Ed Orgeron coached SEC doormat, even if for only one game. Thanks Dex. Without you, this season would have been over long ago.

Now kick some cajun ass.