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Ballots - Week 11

First up is the Blog Poll:

Rank Team Delta
1 Alabama 2
2 Texas
3 Florida 2
4 TCU 1
5 Cincinnati 1
6 Boise State
7 Georgia Tech
8 Ohio State 4
9 Pittsburgh 5
10 Oregon
11 Oklahoma State 5
12 LSU 3
13 Iowa 5
14 Penn State 4
15 Wisconsin
16 Virginia Tech 5
17 Stanford
18 Brigham Young 4
19 Nebraska 4
20 Southern Cal 9
21 Clemson
22 Miami (Florida) 7
23 Rutgers
24 Utah 7
25 Mississippi
Last week's ballot

Dropped Out: Houston (#13), Arizona (#19), West Virginia (#20), Navy (#24), Auburn (#25).
Also Receiving a Vote: Houston.


Yeah, we threw the Rebs back in there. Why not, right?  Houston, WVU, USC, Miami, and Utah took the brunt of our voting punishment whereas the Rebels, Clemson Tigers, Cardinal, and Buckeyes (among a few others) benefited the most.

Where'd we go wrong?  We can edit this ballot anytime between now and 9AM central tomorrow so don't hold your criticisms back.

Our SEC Power Poll ballot looks something like:
  1. Alabama - Judgment is reserved until the BCS Championship play-in game come early December.
  2. Florida - Imagine if Florida matched up against Texas in the BCS Title game.  The announcing would go something like:

    "That there is Tim Tebow, whose roommate, Riley Cooper, just caught that pass!  Outstanding young men, leaders, forces in the locker room...  Almost as excellent as Colt McCoy there!  Look at him, and his roommate, Jordan Shipley!  GREAT YOUNG MEN WE LOVE WHITE PEOPLE!"

    Gag me.
  3. LSU - Won't be number four much longer (HATE HATE HATE).
  4. Dexter McCluster - The witticism here is in the name I've used for the team.
  5. Georgia - I would have never guessed the Bulldogs would have to fight for bowl eligibility.
  6. Arkansas - If bowl eligibility were the goal, then Arkansas would have achieved it; however, something tells me that their fans wanted something more.
  7. Auburn - A decent first year for Chizik and company on the Plains.
  8. Tennessee - Monte Kiffin can't take any more days off in Knoxville.
  9. South Carolina -The only thing that could assuage the grieving South Carolina fan now is a victory over rival Clemson.
  10. Mississippi State (whoo damn right!) - State will have to really earn a bowl berth with Arkansas and Ole Miss left on the schedule.
  11. Kentucky - The 11th best team in the conference will go bowling...  Think about that for a second.
  12. Vanderbilt - No comment.