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Rebel Roundup - 11/17/09

Former Rebel Chris Coghlan wins NL ROY Award | ESPN
Chris Coghlan, the former Ole Miss third baseman and current Florida Marlin outfielder, was named the National League Rookie of the Year yesterday.  Coghlan won the award via a fantastic .321 batting average along with 42 RBI and 9 HR.  Congratulations, Chris; continue to make Ole Miss proud. 

The Alphabetical, Week 12: Where 4th Down Is Not Sacrosanct | SB Nation
Spencer Hall does it again and brings to you the weekly rundown of all of the college football storylines worth your time.  Check out "M for McClusterfucked." (cuz get it dat's wut we did to Corch O ha lol HFT!!)

Backcourt Shines in Victory | Ole Miss Sports dot Com
Kindof a waste of time, I know, but if you're interested in just how badly our Roundball Rebs steamrolled some SWAC team just follow the link.  We'll have more basketball to come this week because, now that the early creampuffs are gone, we're looking forward to meeting the Indiana Hoosiers on Thursday.

Ole Miss Preview | And the Valley Shook
Richard Pittman of SBNation's LSU site takes an (addmitedly) abbreviated but frank look at our Rebels and how they stack up against his Bayou Bengals.  Give it a look.