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Rebel Roundup - 11/16/09 - Kill Yoself, Microsoft

Eric Berry, perhaps the greatest safety to ever play in the Southeastern Conference, is seen here missing a tackle against Dexter McCluster.
Eric Berry, perhaps the greatest safety to ever play in the Southeastern Conference, is seen here missing a tackle against Dexter McCluster.

Blame it on the Mi- cro- cro- cro- cro- cro- cro- cro- soft.
Sorry this is late.  It's IE's fault.  Don't hate me.  I had a huge RR typed up all full of snark and then my browser ate it.  There's lots of good stuff today so read up.

Topics for Discussion // 11.14.09 | Team Speed Kills
As always, the weekly look at the big questions in the SEC from TSK.  One topic for discussion is (paraphrased) "which bowl eligible teams do you take first...UGA, Kentucky, SCar, Arkansas, or Ole Miss?"

Ole Miss 42 Tennessee 17 | Rocky Top Talk
The Guys at Rocky Top Talk look at the emotions surrounding the most dedicated Tennessee Volunteer fans following Saturday's loss in Oxford.

Post Game Awards | Rocky Top Talk
More of the same, albeit a bit more light-hearted.  A great thing about this post is that, if you haven't watched the replay of the game yet, it can jar your memory a bit and cause you to vividly remember some of the details from Saturday.

McCluster burns record book, mauls Vols | Rebel Sports dot net
From Neal McReady, this piece takes a good look at just how significant McCluster's performance was.  Rembmer this, kiddos, because what you saw may go down as the single greatest individual performance by any Rebel ever.

McCluster, Ole Miss Run Wild Over Vols | Clay Travis, AOL Fanhouse
Clay Travis of "Dixieland Delight" fame was in town this past weekend to watch his Vols get their teeth knocked into their throats.  The most poignant observation he makes in this piece involves the Hotty Toddy Guy/Leprechaun Pimp/meth head with a sequined suit:

If you haven't ever been to Ole Miss, they have a man in a garish red and blue outfit that has Hotty Toddy written on the lapels. I'd say it's uncomfortable to watch this video, but that does a disservice to the word uncomfortable. It actually makes you feel like you have a tic in your hair and you can't find it. Or like when a person with an eyepatch lifts the eyepatch.


If I was Ole Miss's chancellor, I'd solve, "the South will rise again" controversy, by saying, "Okay, we're not all that different no matter what color our skin is." Then I'd pivot to a new, common, enemy: "What if we burn Hotty Toddy man at midfield. We'll give every race a lit torch, and once we roast him, we'll all be purified."

I couldn't agree more, Clay.  To whichever brilliant member of our athletics aministration thought this Hotty Toddy guy up a few weeks ago (to the uninitiated, it's something they've only started doing literally a few weeks ago), leave Oxford never to return again.  The Cup banishes you.

Vols Get McClustered | Vols in the Fall
More of the same here from FotC NorCalVol.  Great fan-based analysis here, complete with photographs and this awesome graphic which compares McCluster's individual performance against the team performances of some of Tennessee's opponents this season.

Superlatives: Ole Miss drops a McClusterbomb in Oxford | Dr. Saturday
Dexter McCluster is, as one would expect, getting some love from the smartest blog solely dedicated to the college game.  He also was lauded in a "partial account" of his accomplishments this week; accomplishments which include:

[leading] a halftime discussion of the recently released, posthumous Nabokov novel, cobbled together from the author's hand-written notes and published against his explicit wishes by his son, and the implications of sacrificing the artist's personal wishes regarding unfinished work for the perceived benefit of the literary canon -- or even just for sales,

amongst others

Kirui Qualifies For Nationals With Second Place Finish | Ole Miss Sports dot com
Quickly, Ole Miss junior Barnabas Kirui qualified for the NCAA Cross Country Championships by posting a second place finish at the NCAA South Regional.  Kirui has quietly had an excellent career with the Rebel track and field squads and, as most of you should know, is this season's men's SEC cross country single champion.

McCluster Named National Player Of The Week | Ole Miss Sports dot com
The Walter Camp Football Foundation announced Sunday Dexter McCluster as its National Offensive Player of the Week.  This surprises nobody.

Cast Your Vote For The Plays Of The Decade | Ole Miss Sports dot com
Go now and vote!  Amongst the several from which you may choose are Dex's 71-yard scamper from Saturday, Marshay's punt return in the Cotton Bowl, Matt Grier's pick-six against Florida in 2002, and Deuce's TD pass to Romaro in 2000.