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Quick Rebel Roundball Recap - But first: Schadenfreude!

Mississippi State, you know, our nationally ranked rivals, lost tonight.  They played Rider University--a school which, while I may have their Wikipedia page open, I cannot be certain even exists.  Rider is a part of the MAAC, which is short for the "Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference"--once again, something which, despite my knowledge of college sports, is totally new to me.

And not only did they lose; they got beat.  Bad.  By fourteen points.  88 to 74.  Wow.

Anyway, what's a good rivalry without some late-night-kinda-sick-but-still-drinking-despite-health-issues-blogging action?  Huh?  This is what you get, State, for being you. 

Alright, laughing and mockery aside (on my end only, of course; you're welcome to point and laugh all night if you must), here are some quick bits of tid from the Rebel basketball victory from tonight:

  • We kicked the monkey piss out of the Trojans of UALR by the tune of 92 to 64.  For those of you doing the math, that's a 28 point victory, which is exactly double the margin of victory Rider had over State.
  • Chris Warren looks badass with his mangy beard and arm sleeve thing.
  • DeAundre Cranston led the team in scoring with 21 points.  The big man also hit two from beyond the arc which is about as baller as it can get against a team like UALR.
  • I think Will Bogan is balding.
  • The Rebels outscored the Trojans by 14 in each half.  Fourteen is, once again, the margin of victory by which State lost tonight.
  • Murphy Holloway had 17 points, Terrico white had 16, and Warren and Polynice both tallied 9.
  • Of the team's five blocks, true freshman Reggie Buckner had four.  Fuck your shots, UALR.
  • Logan Nutt tallied two minutes of play and missed the one shot he took.  Nepotism!
  • Murphy Holloway notched the only double-double, with 10 rebounds to couple with his 17 points.

I guess that's it for now.  Hotty Toddy, Rebel fans.