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Basketball Season Tips Off TONIGHT

It does.  Seriously.  No, we're not kidding.  We mean this as in a real game against a real team which will go down as either a loss or a win in our record column is taking place tonight at the Tad Pad.  The Roundball Rebels will square off against the Trojans of the University of Arkansas Little Rock--which is, interestingly enough, the alma mater of Derek Fisher of the LA Lakers--at 6 of the clock post meridiem.  I highly doubt you've got something better to do, and "getting blasted while a freshman grinds my crotch at The Library" doesn't count as such, so be there.

Some links of significance:

Tad Pad.  Tonight.  Be there.  I know this game isn't terribly significant, but let this team know you're excited about the upcoming season.