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Rebel Roundup - 11/13/09 - Friday the Thirteenth (spooky scary)

Eric Berryyyy, Eric Berry (EWUH BUWWUH)

Talking Points: The Latest on Prius/Pelletgungate | Rocky Top Talk
I'm kinda glad the Tennessee Three were arrested early yesterday morning; it took the wind out of the TSWRA/Racist asshole on YouTube sails, if only for a little while.  The absurdity of the situation is detailed by our friends at RTT so check that out for all of your smack talkin' needs.

Welcome to the Coach O Bowl | Chris Low
With all of the controversy surrounding both programs this week, the fact that Ed Orgeron is revisiting a team which he coached for three years has kinda been lost in the shuffle.  Also, the fact that he is being very tight-lipped with the media certainly helps.

Vols Focused on Ole Miss, Withholding Judgment |
Well we're not going to withold judgment!  UcheaT ha LOL Felonteers are at it again usin' guns and weed and rape and booze to get their way wearin' orange so they can go straight to jail whooo Rocky Top is teh suk.

FOTP Live and Loud
I was on it last night.  Bunkie and I talked TSWRA, gr3gxxz, Coach O, and the upcoming Ole Miss vs. Tennessee game.  Give it a listen.