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Rebel of the Week Results - NAU

Shay Hodge won the Rebel of the Week poll for his performance in the NAU game. Shay displayed the same traits that he has shown all season: reliability and the ability to come through when the pressure is on.

Shay has been the sole bright spot in our receiving corps. This gives me an opportunity to say something I've been meaning to say for a few weeks. While I don't understand, as a fan, why we don't throw the ball to Patrick Patterson more often, we have to remember that there is a reason for these things. More than we want our Rebels to win, the coaches want to get paid. If Patterson offered the chance to win a few more games, they would put him in the game. I'm generally not a fan of the "trust the coaches" mantra, but when it comes down to it, they make personnel decisions based on what they see in practice.

Anyway, Shay won this week. He's awesome, and he will be missed. Thanks for a great career Shay.