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Special Bonus Wednesday Question - 11/11/09

Tradition is dead. Long live Tradition!

Two things are clear in the wake of the death of the supreme tradition, His Majesty Slow Dixie. First, the chain of command will develop some replacement - the game will not just end quietly for everyone to go home. If we win against Tennessee, we will want to soak in it. If we lose, there should be some musical interlude to soothe our pain. Something that - as some commenter put it - that reminds us why we are fans of this team.

Now, the other thing we know is that whether its in the Chancellor's Office, the Athletic Department, or the Band Hall, there are folks that keep up with Ole Miss public opinion by the courses of NAFOOM, Spirit, and, yes, The Cup. We just want to quantify that public opinion, as best we can.

Vote in the poll or leave your brilliant suggestion below. And, remember, if you don't have anything nice to say ... you're right at home.