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Rebel Roundup - 11/10/09

Tommy West is Fired | Jackson Sun dot Com
Just in time for we Rebels to never play Memphis again, Tigers Head Coach Tommy West was fired yesterday after having only won two games through this point in the season.  If you haven't seen his farewell press conference, watch it.  It's excellent.  West, to me, will always be remembered as the guy who was thiiis close to whacking Jackie Sherrill accross the jaw.  We'll not really at all miss you Tommy.  Don't let the door knock your ass over on the way out.  My only fear is that the Tigers administration could perhaps hire a guy with the coaching prowess to actually better Ed Orgeron--that is, if we didn't wisely drop them from our schedule this season.

LSU @ Ole Miss at 2:30 CST on CBS | Ole Miss Sports dot Com

Coach O, Intense Style returning to Oxford | Clarion Ledger
Let's go ahead and get the jokes out of the way while the bait is dangling in my face...  Coach O is returning to Oxford.  I hope that the Brittany store has stocked up on extra Red Bull ha get it because O has a lot of energy and likely drinks energy drinks.  I hope City Grocery has ordered extra shrimp to prepare shrimp dishes for the Orgeron family becuase they are from the southern part of Louisiana which is a shrimp loving region of the country.  Lastly, I hope that the Ole Miss linguistics professors are ready to document Orgeron speak because he is oftentimes unintelligible. 

There.  You happy?

Rocky Top Talk Podcast
I, a mopey, exhausted Ghost of Jay Cutler, was a guest last night.  Listen to me do things like try my damndest to not scream about Ed Orgeron, make excuses for Jevan Snead, explain the incredibly stupid mytical origin of my blog handle, all while shackled by Rocky Top Talk's integrity, efficiency, and "no cussin' words" rule.