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Oxford Update


It looks like this right now.  Zombies 'n' shit.  Ok not really.

Thanks to Juco, Displaced Rebel, and other good FotC's the Ghost of Jay Cutler is alive and well in Oxford, Mississippi.  Smeargle and Ivory Tower have set up the RCR grove tents and One Man To Beat is supplying the pulled pork.  After having returned from the Likka Stow (for the uneducated, that's Mississippian for "delicatessan of sin-juice") with Grove supplies, I'm about to hit the Square--as soon as I finish these drinks over at Whiskey Wednesday's crib.  If you see me, holler for real; I'll be in a good mood.  It's damp and drizzly outside but I am not phased.  I'm ready for the weekend and I hope you are.  

Speaking of the weekend, we were featured on Roll Bama Roll and Dr. Saturday with pointers 'n' shit for our visitors.  I hope we omitted nothing of significance.  Also, be nice to the Bama fans this weekend.  We've a reputation to maintain.