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Women of the Opposition: Alabama

Ole Miss is known for a lot of things, yet few of them in successful terms.  We Rebels do, however, have women that look better than yours.  Rebel bloggeur One Man To Beat is here to remind you of this.  Participation via comments is always welcomed.

Alabama women are a special breed of female. Think of some of the great women of Alabama depicted by cinema. Forrest Gump, of Greenbow, Ala., loved his neighbor Jenny, a classic Alabama girl.

She liked dancing nekkid for monies, drugs and having sex with strange men. Eventually, she marries a guy who is a Vietnam vet, developmentally disabled, played for 'Bama and falls ass backwards into money. Par for the course.

There're a few things you need to know about the Crimson Tide-ettes before they enter the Grove Saturday.


First off, they really love Bear Bryant. They aren't really sure why, but they do.


I mean they REALLY love Bear Bryant. He's like the Hugh Hefner of the damn state.


They also love for their men to get a little gussied up from time to time.

This girl might give the second to last rung on the "SEC wife totem pole" (second to this one) reason for concern


Old t-shirts from championships past are a must for gameday attire.


Alabama also sports a celebrity female alum...John Sarah Jessica Parker Wilson...see what I did there? LOLZ. May your golden locks ne'er be cut, madam.


No 'Bama WOTO would be complete without the above video. God Bless You Collette Connell*.

*The Red Cup Rebellion and One Man To Beat do not condone drinking and driving, bleaching hair into your forties, wearing cheap jerseys or any jerseys for that matter or molesting your head coach in public.