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Rebel Roundup - 10/8/09 - Retaliation


Doin' it the Right Way
Calling JTBowtie and threatening to "stick a knife in his nostril," or whatever that was, isn't the right way to retaliate at a kid playing dressup on the intrawebs.  Retaliating in kind, even if lacking the necessary flare unique to JTBowtie however, is.  It's not a great video, but it does demonstrate that more of us need to get a sense of humor.  Do you really wanna see the wrong way to go about this kind of thing?  Stick around this afternoon.

Speaking of JTBowtie
He was all over the teebee in Tuscaloosa yesterday.  Yeah, some local news outlets ran stories of him crying alligator tears in "fear" of his life because some Ole Miss fans threatened him.  The reason I don't find it sincere is twofold.  First, he's God awful at looking legitimately frightened.  JT, for a guy who is obviously trying to start an acting career, you need to pick it up.  Secondly, the videos of the newscasts were uploaded into his own personal YouTube account under the heading "OH Snap etc etc etc."  This guy is being a media whore and we just keep feeding into it.  Oh well, no need to stop now because we'll see more of the same except thrice as crazy and quadruple the volume as soon as he makes an "OH THNAP Ell-Eth-Yoo thux" video.

Nick Saban's Defense | Smart Football
Mentioned in last night's Red Cup Radio and linked by Kleph and Rebellious comes this read from the incredible "Smart Football" blog.  I know I pimp a lot of blogs on here, but if you are at all interested in playcalling and coaching strategies that one definitely needs to be in your bookmarks.

Speaking of Red Cup Radio
Where in the Hell were y'all last night?  Watching Glee?  It's okay if you were, I'm just asking.  Anyway, it's a good thing we podcast it because this was a pretty good episode.  Kleph from Roll Bama Roll came on while Whiskey Wednesday, One Man to Beat, and I rambled through another hour of Ole Miss-centric banter. 

Bama at Ole Miss Coverage | ESPN
Chris Low has cranked out a bunch of good content over the last few days which center around this weekend's biggest game.  Ivan Maisel also gives the Grove her due.

Fein's Death Believed to be Suicide | NBC Sports
I feared this as soon as I learned of the original Landshark's passing.  Not to be a Debbie Downer, but I do think it is important to note that, as a combat veteran, Fein most likely had some skeletons in his closet that he just couldn't shake.  Such problems are far more prevalent amongst our young servicemen and -women than many of us would like to believe.  Undoubtedly, this is tragic.  The only consolation I can pull together is that I know Tony's friends and family are unwaveringly proud of the young man and are likely overjoyed to hear the kind, heartfelt words spoken and written by sportscasters and his former teammates alike.