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My Thoughts on the "Blue Out"

If you have not yet heard, Houston Nutt is asking for all of our fans to wear blue on Saturday in an effort to "blue out" the Crimson Tide of Alabama.  What does this bloggeur think of a "blue out?"

Simple: it's stupid.


You're still here?  Wait, what?  Hold the phone, you think I really need to elaborate on this?  Alright, fine.

The concept isn't by itself stupid.  The promotion of fan-unity through a continuity of the color of fan attire is actually a pretty good one.  A group of fans who feel that they are just that--a group--will naturally succumb to groupthink.  That would, by my assumptions, mean louder cheering, more forceful booing, and a generally more racous spirit.  It goes without saying how such can benefit the players on the field.

But, considering that, the concept in this given context is quite stupid.

Roll Bama Roll makes a point--and, if their assumptions weren't false, it would be a good one to make for this Saturday--that these sorts of things rarely affect the outcomes of games.  They're right.  Look at Alabama's beat down of Georgia during last year's "black out" or Iowa's victory over Penn State during last month's "white out."  Sure, we beat Auburn 17-7 during last season's half-assed "blue out," but that had more to do with Kodi Burns being a horrible quarterback than the--ahem--intimidation factor of a Vaught-Hemingway Stadium almost filled with people wearing the same color shirt. 

"But wait, a false assumptions from RBR?  What were you talking about?"   

Oh yeah, they assume we're actually going to, you know, follow through with this.

The Ole Miss fan base is--and I say this as an incredibly loyal member of said fan base--pretty bizarre.  For a group of people who are continuously chastised by opposing fans for looking alike, what with the whole "Bama bangs and croakies and a button up" toting his "red sundress and bleached blonde" date through a Grove composed of a few thousand other couples just like them thing and all, we sure can be a collective of stubborn individuals.  Sorta.  I do not really know what to classify an effort towards group continuity being thwarted by most members of the group individually thinking "fuck that," resulting essentially in "reverse groupthink," but you get what I'm trying to say here.  The average Ole Miss fan thinks he or she is too cool for silly gimmicks such as "blue outs" or "not sounding like a sheltered fucking idiot by screaming TSWRA."

Yes, you will see more guys wearing blue polos or button ups.  Pledges will likely wear their blue ties.  You'll see a few more girls in blue than you would normally.  And, hopefully, that Hotty Toddy leprechaun pimp guy (I swear that's what he calls himself) will ruin another assumedly previously fine coat by glitter-gunning it until it sparkles a bright azure.  But you won't see the Ole Miss version of a true "[color]-out."  There won't be painted faces, dyed hair, overly tacky garments, or anything of the sort.  Ok, fine, there are always a few, but they're literally a few dozen in a crowd of 60-something thousand.

Ole Miss fans are just too laxidasical and unable to succumb to the absolutely zany outer-workings of crazy fandom.  Oh sure, we've got crazy spilling out of our mouths, dancing off of our fingertips and onto our keyboards, and polluting our minds.  But we're not about to pull a "Hotty Toddy Smurf Almighty" here (HT: Kleph). 

Simply put: the proposed "blue out" won't work.  Ole Miss fans, this one included, are simply not the types to follow through with something this goofy. 


PS: Also, it reminds me of Duke.  Gross.