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Rebel Roundup - 10/7/09 - RIP Tony Fein

 Former Rebel linebacker Fein dies | The Clarion-Ledger
As has been mentioned elsewhere throughout the Rebel internet world and on the Cup via fan submissions, Tony Fein died yesterday.  Fein will be remembered by his Rebel teammates as a leader, hard worker, and excellent defender.  He will be remembered by the Rebel fan base as the original Landshark, starting something which may become a long-standing Ole Miss tradition.  He will be remembered by the men and women of his United States Army company as a damn fine soldier, having served his country for four years in Iraq.  But, most importantly, he will be remembered by his friends and family as Tony: the young man they knew and loved.  I, unfortunately, never had the opportunity to meet Tony Fein, but my heart goes out to his friends and family just the same.

Rebels usually save their A-game for Alabama |
I will just quickly go through the next few links here.  I'm saving the funny and pensive for later in the day.  Here is a very detailed look at our team from an Alabama perspective.  The message boards on that site are also decent for fleeting, unoriginal humor--that is, if you're able to sift through a bunch of "RTR" and non sequitur Julio Jones references.

Practice shut down | ESPN
Either Nutt is playing mind games with Saban (that will never work) or he is legitimately practicing stuff our opponents have not yet seen.  Either way, I support the move.

Don't Bet on It! | Dawg Sports
The Mayor picks the Tide to win in his weekly list of prognostications.