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Rebel of the Week Result - Week 5

There's no shocker here. Shay Hodge won the Rebel of the Week in a landslide.  I almost wrote "LANDSHARK".  Muscle memory is a wonderful thing sometimes.

Hodge was all over the field in the first half, and he was un-coverable. Myron Lewis, one of the top three corners in the SEC had nothin on Shay, and he appeared to be afraid of Hodge, regularly providing him five to ten yards of cushion. Thanks for that Myron.

Whiskey Wednesday and I were talking about Shay's performance yesterday. Eight catches for 122 yards and 2 touchdowns is a monstrous stat for anyone, but when you consider it was in an SEC game against the SEC's former #1 pass defense, it makes it even better. This isn't the Big XII we're talking about. Players just don't do that in the SEC. I mean sure. AJ Green does, but he's a likely high first rounder.

If we can get a game like this from Shay this week, against a corner who is as good or better than Myron Lewis, we could pull off the upset. Sure, it's a lot to ask from a guy to perform like that two weeks in a row, but I would guess Shay has a bone to pick with Alabama.