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"It ain't braggin' if you can do it"

Legendary pitcher and native Mississippian Dizzy Dean once said that. Likely, he was referencing his badass abilities on the mound. I will now use it in reference to my apparently badass abilities in our pick 'em pool. I doubt I will ever have my jersey retired by the Cardinals, inducted into the baseball hall of fame, or have a little league named in my honor, but I will at least have you all awestruck. Behold, after five weeks:

1 Ghost's picks
2 The Mahatma
3 HUTCH's picks
4 BrianWalker'sElbow's picks
5 jmreed2's picks
5 domereb's picks
5 uscoereb's picks
5 HotHam
5 oxfordstudy's picks
10 ACC & SEC Blog's picks

Fear me, pick 'em participants. Also to be feared are The Mahatma for his picks and photoshop abilities, HUTCH, BWE for his seething hatred of Mike Bianco, everybody tied for 5th, and our blogmigos over at ACC/SEC Blog.  Also, I would like to give a shout-out to SouthernPride22 who, at 8-42 and 53 points thus far, is obviously shooting to have the lowest possible score.  That takes about as much luck and knowledge of football as having the highest possible, I say. 

Oh, and Ivory Tower is sitting at 86th out of 122.  Mock him.

I have just now updated the selections for this week so, if you really think you have a shot at knocking this guy off, get 'em in.

P.S. - I very much believe in hubris so you're all welcome in advance.