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Ballots - Week Five

Rank Team Delta
1 Alabama
2 Texas 1
3 Florida 1
4 Boise State 1
5 Virginia Tech 1
6 LSU 3
7 Cincinnati
8 TCU 2
9 Iowa 1
10 Miami (Florida) 5
11 Southern Cal 3
12 Ohio State 1
13 Oregon 1
14 Auburn 8
15 Oklahoma State 3
16 Kansas 1
17 South Florida 4
18 South Carolina 2
19 Penn State 6
20 Nebraska 3
21 Wisconsin
22 Mississippi
23 Brigham Young
24 Georgia Tech
25 Missouri
Last week's ballot


Dropped Out: Houston (#12), Oklahoma (#13), Georgia (#16), Michigan (#19).
Others Receiving Votes: Georgia, Houston, Oklahoma, Michigan, Notre Dame
We really seemed to punish Houston pretty harshly for their loss to UTEP.  Either way, going from a potential BCS Buster to a mere contendor to win the CUSA is more of a drop than it superficially seems.  We also gave our grief to teams who, while still good, have two losses (Georgia and Oklahoma) and teams which we apparently just don't like (Michigan and Notre Dame).  Ole Miss and Georgia Tech have returned while Wisconsin and Mizzou make their debuts.


  1. ALABAMA - By virtue of leaving Lexington concussion-free, the Tide remain tops in the league.
  2. FLORIDA - What did Corch Meyers do over the bye weekend?  Sent "victory blankets" to thus-far flu-free Baton Rouge.
  3. LSU - I hope this "LSU is overrated" meme can really get under their tiger-skins enough to motivate them to believe - and publicly announce their belief - that a win over Florida is possible/imminent.  Man, that would just be funny.
  4. AUBURN - If you think the Rebs have a clear shot to a 10-win season, have you checked out Auburn's schedule lately?
  5. SOUTH CAROLINA - A bit of a slow start offensively against South Carolina State, but nothing to ruin a home date against Kentucky.
  6. OLE MISS - Welcome to the fun half again, Rebels.  Now let's see how that 1-to-1 TD-to-INT ratio works out against Alabama.
  7. UGA - This may be a down year for the Dawgs, but the finishes they've set up ... good gravy!  Ratings should shoot through the roof.  Sorry you lost, but fourth quarters like that are what made the World Wide Leader cough up $15 bil.
  8. ARKY - The Hogs were outgained by Texas A & M, but still engineered a rout.  That means Bobby Petrino has, in this season alone, been out-manned offensively by Joe Cox and Mike Sherman.
  9. TENNESSEE - When a two-loss team is looking down the pipe and Georgia is one of its best shots at a win, it's about time to start playing for 2010.  This is what you get for losing at home to Gene Chizik.
  10. STATE - Never really found themselves "in the game" against Georgia Tech, but put up a good fight for the conference.
  11. KENTUCKY - The Wildcats were - impossibly - the first defense to make Greg McElroy look (at least for a quarter) like the first-year Bama quarterback we all thought he could be.  Way to expose a weakness, there, Rich Brooks.
  12. VANDERBILT - Was, in contrast to Kentucky, unable to really capitalize on opponent weaknesses that they already knew about.  Everybody and their momma knew Ole Miss was vulnerable in some areas, and the Commies failed to exploit them.