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Rebel Roundup - 10/5/09

Nutt Speaks With Beat Writers |
Ole Miss head coach Houston Nutt spoke with the media on Sunday and reviewed the Rebels' win at Vanderbilt and discussed the upcoming encounter against Alabama.

Vote For Rebelette In National Spirit Contest |
Yes, I would, in fact, hit it.  I'm linking this to not only help out a fellow Rebel in some quest to garner meaningless votes from anonymous folks on the internet, but also to give you some Monday morning eye candy.

On the Steelers: Wallace the next receiving star? | Post Gazette 
Yes, Pittsburgh, he is.  You're welcome.

Alabama vs. Ole Miss - Historical Retrospective |
Go ahead and put RBR into your bookmarks or Google reader or whatever it is you use to waste time reading a bunch of amateur sports writers bicker about football.  Why?  Because it's good, that's why.  As for this piece, it confirms something which we already know: we Rebels rarely defeat the Tide.