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Rebel Roundup - 10/29/09 - Goofy YouTube Edition!

HT: Sam
50 Years Later, Billy Cannon Still a Felon | Clarion Ledger
Okay, you caught me.  That's not the real headline.  Sheesh.  It is important to note, however, that Saturday will mark the 50th anniversary of the single most important play in the LSU/Ole Miss rivalry is also the most exemplary of the series.  A hard-fighting and undeterred Rebel team is bested by a lucky play made by an overrated LSU Tiger.  Ugh.  There is some comfort though in knowing that the most iconic Ole Miss Rebel, Archie Manning, is widely respected and admired; whereas the same for some of our rivals do things like go to prison on federal counterfeiting charges (Cannon) or get tossed in the klink for DUI on multiple occasions (Kenny "The Snake" Stabler--named not for his elusive scrambling, but rather the way his truck slides haphazardly amongst interstate lanes).

Plainslinks | War Eagle Reader
The first bit is what I want you to pay attention to here.  Auburn ranks dead last in the SEC in terms of "penalties committed against."  If our Rebels can keep that trend alive, a victory at Auburn shouldn't be tough to come by. 

Mario Fannin could see bigger role |
rivalsposteractivate HA well Aubarn will need it cuz the LANDSHARKS will git him ha POWE and G-HARD will be lickin there chops out there agianst the kitties lol war BEATLE rivalsposterdeactivate...  Seriously though, Auburn's got a good running game.  We need to be on our toes on defense.

Red Cup Radio
In my opinion, last night's show was the best we've had.  Jerry from WarBlogEagle rivals Kleph from RollBamaRoll as the best rival blog guest we've had thus far (the worst, whatever Smeargle did to make fun of SELA) and our well oiled--the pun you're about to see is very much intended--talks of interracial lovemaking, zany Arkansans, and the practice of sodomy by the West Virginia Mountaineers was some of the best we've had.  Seriously, it was fun.  Listen to it if you haven't yet and drop us some feedback.