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Around the SEC West - Week 8

#2 ALABAMA 8-0 (5-0 SEC)

 Terrence Cody, deservedly so, got all the publicity for his two blocked kicks against Tennessee. A lot of credit should also go to CB/PR Javier Arenas too. While it's not always good to see a cornerback lead the team in tackles, Arenas had 4.5 tackles for loss with a twelve yard sack. Yeah. He's a cornerback. He was also a contributor to the defense that held Montario Hardesty to just 2.7 yards per carry. Alabama has a bye week this week.

ARKANSAS 3-4 (1-4 SEC)

You lost, our coach is good, etc. Let me say this about Arkansas. Ryan Mallett is much better than his completion percentage dictated in that game. Obviously, receivers dropped it, and that didn't help. However, some of it lies on Mallett. He was slinging the ball even on short routes, and the receivers struggled to catch the hot passes. He needs to stop playing like every receiver is 25 yards downfield. Oh, he could also look for the short routes a little more, but not if he's going to try to break his receivers' fingers. Arkansas hosts Eastern Michigan this Saturday at 6 on ESPNU.

AUBURN 5-3 (2-3 SEC)

So yeah. What would Auburn do without Eltoro Freeman? If only we could have gotten him away from those guys. Freeman had 14 tackles against LSU with 2 TFLs and a sack. He's beastly, and he was almost an Ole Miss Rebel. Auburn's two-deep at linebacker is essentially the same as ours with 2 freshmen involved. However, Auburn's even worse off after that with basically only walk-ons other than those top six. Talk about missing Patrick Trahan. I know Trahan hasn't been great for us, but he's fine, and Auburn could use another linebacker that's an adequate SEC player. Auburn hosts... someone on Saturday. This game's available on the SEC Network sometime after 11. You can also watch it on

#9 LSU 6-1 (4-1 SEC)

RCR's Around the SEC whipping boy, actually had a very good day throwing the football against Auburn. His stat line, 21/31 for 242 yards, 2 TDs, and no picks, should excite Rebel fans. If Auburn can't take advantage of Jefferson's faults, there can't be much hope that they will take advantage of Jevan's either. Also, wildcat specialist and wide receiver Russell Sheppard (a former 5-star recruit as a QB), finally produced in the yardage category, but he only touched the ball six times. Five of those times, he earned a grand total of two yards. The other touch yielded a 69 yard touchdown run. It was beautiful, but he needs to do more with his chances as a true freshman if he wants to get really involved. Still, Sheppard touched the ball more than Trindon Holliday. LSU plays host to Tulane on Saturday. Don't watch the game.

STATE 3-5 (1-3 SEC)

Mississippi State is irrelevant. Yeah. You were robbed. No one cares. They travel to Kentucky this weekend. If you watch that game, I'll cry for you.