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Rebel Roundup - 10/28/09

 Is Ole Miss for Real Now? | Team Speed Kills
TSK takes a good look at how, against the Arkansas Razorbacks, the Rebel offense looked as people have expected it to look all season.  Year 2 makes a good argument, namely that "UAB isn't good, Arkansas was due for a letdown after a close game against Florida, and Auburn is free-falling, making these weeks--even if Ole Miss beats Auburn handily--poor indicators of just how 'legit' Ole Miss has become."  Basically, we're certainly playing better than we were, but we may not be back to our New Years Day bowl-game winning ways just yet. 

New resoultion aims to increase game day spirit | The Daily Mississippian
This made me smile a gigantic "we are...Ole Miss" grin.  You know, the grin you have when your really awkward cousin does something, well, awkward at the Thanksgiving dinner table?  It's a grin which says "I love you, but you're so damn bizarre, which is kinda why I love you in the first place."  Per the article, the ASB Senate hath decreed politely, yet officially, requested:

that the automated voice that says "Are you ready?" when the Rebels score during a football game be replaced by a human voice [and]...that the university eliminate the "We are Ole Miss" cheer led by a cheerleader with a microphone before the game

The reasoning behind the first is obvious: a robot can't lead Hotty Toddy.  The reasoning behind the second is something which I have been saying all along as my justification for not participating in a true, enthusiastic "we are...Ole Miss," namely that:

the cheer [is] trite, unoriginal and fail[s] to enthuse the crowd

The bit about it being "unoriginal" is where I have my greatest contentions.  The cheer started maybe three years ago and was stolen from Penn State in the first damn place.  They do it right.  We don't, nor should we ever attempt to.  It's like the "heyoooooooooooooooo, R-E-B-S REBS REBS REBS" chant the pushy, wig-wearin' wierdos in the front of the student section sometimes start.  The Kentucky Wildcats and the New York Jets have the market cornered on the "loudly spell a four-letter word before rapidly pronouncing it thrice" cheer.

Ole Miss has a cheer.  It's called Hotty Toddy.  Let's stick with that.

Don't Bet On It | DawgSports
The Mayor timidly selects the Rebels because, as he is ready to admit, he hates Auburn.  I'm a bit surprised he's so nervous to pick Ole Miss because surely he's seen how poor their offense has performed over the last two weeks.

Trahan to Return to Auburn as a Starter | AU Football Notebook
I'm in the throes of a love/hate relationship with sports articles which contain goofy anecdotes.  While it's kinda neat-ish to read about things like Greg McElroy dastardly filching Jevan Snead's t-shirt, it's also absolutely pointless to the actual sport about which I had hoped to read.  This article contains such a cutesey story about how, upon his unceremonious departure from the Auburn football team, Patrick Trahan skipped town without paying his final bit of rent.  Check it:

When Ole Miss linebacker Patrick Trahan comes back to Auburn on Saturday, he better bring his checkbook.  Walt McFadden wants his money back..."He left me with all the rent," the senior cornerback said with a chuckle. "And I had to pay a fine for that. So, hopefully, I can try to get that back this weekend."

Worry not, McFadden!  Trahan is bringing his checkbook.  But, not his Trustmark book.  No no.  This checkbook was issued to him by the First National Bank of Pain.  He'll be sure to give your teammates a few payments of "kaboom" and "oh fuck my legs what happened to them."