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Rebel of the Week Result - Arkansas

Guess who won.

There wasn't a poll you might say. Well, that's because a poll was unnecessary. I know that this may not be super-timely, seeing as it's three days after the game, but man... Dexter McCluster. What a bad ass. Dexter led the SEC in all-purpose yards this week, and he doesn't even return kicks.

Seriously, ponder on Dex's 123 rushing yards and 137 receiving yards. Those numbers are just ridiculous. What a force he was against Arkansas. As brought to our attention by Hunter C., ESPN said of McCluster that, "you can't win a game of touch football in an elevator with that guy."

McCluster had the day that many of us expected he would produce on a regular basis. Sure, Dexter hadn't done a lot with the opportunities he had been given this season up until this game, but it's difficult to understand the mindset of the coaches in giving him the ball so little. He's the most explosive player on our team. When the ball's in his hands, things like that 60+ yard screen happen.

I understand that he's a little guy, but I doubt that Dexter is concerned. It's only a terrible thing, from a football standpoint, for your most explosive player to go down with injury if you actually use him. There's no reason to protect a great player so much that you don't get him the ball.

If we can adequately put Dexter into positions where he has one man to beat or just gets to carry the pigskin in space, we will beat Auburn. If we don't, we will have wasted our biggest playmaker's senior season.

Congrats to the Real Wild Rebel. Good job buddy. Keep it up.