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Rebel Roundup - 10/27/09



Football Weekly Presser |
Kentrell Lockett's quote from yesterday came from the weekly meeting between beat writers and the team.  For more quotes and videos thereof, clicky the linky.

SEC Basketball Media Day |
Basketball!  Yes!   We have that and yes, if our backcourt's connective tissues decide to cease their unfortunate trend of committing ritualistic seppuku, we should be good at it.

Schedule Stockwatch Week 8 | War Eagle Reader
Quoth the War Eagle Reader:

Since their abomination of an offensive performance against the Tide, Ole Miss has racked up more than 1,000 yards of offense against UAB and Arkansas. Jevan Snead has hit better than 60 percent of his passes and collected 660 some-odd yards while Dexter McCluster went slap off against the Hogs, totaling 260 yards from scrimmage on 29 touches Saturday. Neither UAB’s nor Arkansas’s defenses are particularly intimidating, but the Rebel D has continued to be its steady self–they still haven’t allowed more than 22 points in a game this year–and with McCluster involved and Snead back to normal, they look like the team they were supposed to be back in August.

Auburn Expectations in Flux |
With Alabama being the best football team in America, and Auburn struggling over the past few weeks, Tiger fans must truly be experiencing the most difficult times of their fandom over at least the last six or seven years. This poorly written column kinda-sorta elaborates on that before it says that Alabama

beat a glorified high school squad with Eric Berry and great coaching by two points at home, with the opposing team missing 3 of 4 field goals

Yeah, a high school squad with a defense comprised of gigantic NFL-ready players. Anyway, read it.

PS I think I'm getting Swine Flu
Thanks, Arkansas. If this week comes off as impatient and disjointed, you'll know why.