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Rebel Roundup - 10/26/09

Gameday Map dot com 
I was sent this link yesterday and I immediately admired the concept of this site.  At, you can place an icon of a tent on an electronic map of the Grove.  You can then name your tent, list the folks who regularly tailgate with you, provide your guests with a food and drink menu, et cetera.  This way, folks can find where you plan to set up if you were to invite them via email or something.  Anyway, the Red Cup Rebellion tent has been put on the map.  Look for it.  We will be set up to the teeth for LSU.

The Auburn Family has a Choice to Make | Track 'Em Tigers
We'll be linking TET, War Blog Eagle, and The War Eagle Reader a good bit this week.  They're the blogs to HATE during this extra-spooky HATE WEEK.  This particular piece shows the difficulty the Auburn fans are having right now with the Chizik experiment. 

Chris Low's Power Rankings | ESPN
Ole Miss at number five, Auburn at number ten.  We're slowly moving back up.

Rebels Finally Find Their Yell |
It's essentially what we've heard from MSM types over the past 24 hours or so: "Ole Miss is playing like we expected them to."  While Saturday was very thrilling, the aftermath was a bit frustrating with all of the mental "what if " games most of us played.