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Rebel Roundup - 10/23/09

Bloggin at Odd Hours
BWE and I are guilty of posting stuff during off-peak hours.  It's good stuff, and I'd hate for you to miss it, so consider this Roudup, while early in the morning, as the third post of the day.  Check out his Around the SEC East and my brief look at the Hogs and Rebs and how they fared against their only common opponent thus far.

Ole Miss Hockey vs. Mississippi State | Facebook Event
Well we've linked Facebook.  Awesome.  Quoth the Facebook page:

COME SUPPORT THE ICE REBELS IN THEIR HOME OPENER AGAINST MISSISSIPPI STATE! Tickets will be sold at the door - $5 for adults and $2 for kids 12 and under. Their (sic.... audible sigh) will be full concessions.

This will be the first game played in a best-of-three series against Mississippi State for the Frozen Egg Cup!
So now you know.  No, the Cup will likely not be covering club hockey with any sort of vigor or enthusiasm, but if one of you loyal readers would like to check the game out and Fanpost it I'd read it.


Ole Miss seeks to silence 'rising South' chant at end of fight song | ESPN
Fantastic.  It's an AP story which has been picked up on ESPN now.  I know we said it wouldn't be a topic of discussion any longer here, but this is too significant to pass up.  To the people who continue to chant this nonsense: do you see what you've done?  Are you proud of this?

It's Also in the LA Times | The LA Times
Even better!  The most hypocritically judgemental group of folks in America--Californians--have more fodder towards which to direct their finger-pointing!  The piece is tough to read but not for the sensitive nature of the subject; it is rife with inaccuracies and stuff like this:

However, after Dr. Dan Jones was installed as Ole Miss' chancellor last summer.

What a cliffhanger!  Hey, Mike Penner, that one-line "paragraph" thing you columnists do is annoying as it is, and the fact that you couldn't even fill one of those said lines with an actual sentence isn't exactly helping the situation.

Razorback Watch |
AN ACTUAL STORY ABOUT FOOTBALL NOW.  Read this for some Razorback updates.  It has things like injury updates and quotes from players and coaches.