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Rebel Roundup - 10/22/09

Some Mostly False, Subliminally Bigoted Nonsense | The Daily Mississippian
Why did I even link this?  Oh well, another regrettable decision in a long line of such for The Ghost of Jay Cutler, it seems.  If reading this doesn't make you hate Ole Miss, even a little, deep down inside, then you're likely a pretty stupid person.  The Cup will continue her vailiant fight to promote the apparently insane ideal of having people admiring our university for things like athletic achievement, academics, and alumni successes.  Crazy, huh?  Chancellor Jones, I publicly (as publicly as an "anonymous" bloggeur can) support your efforts to combat the ignorance which breeds the harmful stereotypes harbored by not only Ole Miss, but the Deep South in general.  Thank you, sir.

Basketball Construction Update |
Lookin' good, if you ask this guy.  Not only will the basketball practice facility provide our mens and womens roundballers with the types of amenities afforded to the football and baseball teams, but it also occupies a patch of campus which was once the parking lot in which Alabama fans parked their RV's.  Two birds, one very large stone.

SEC Suspends Officiating Crew |
Good, because those guys suck.  I also think many of the rules which they're shackled by suck--such as excessive celebration.  The whole system sucks, but at least Mike Slive recognized a shortcoming and fixed it.  That guy is the best league commissioner in major American athletics, period.

Second Half Outlook: Ole Miss | ESPN
Chris Low says we'll repeat last year's record and make it to the Cotton Bowl once again.  While somewhat disappointing in that it will have meant we showed no improvement from year to year, it should still be exciting for Rebel fans.  Lest y'all forget, we have not appeared in two consecutive NYD Bowls since color television.  Also, here's Arkansas' outlook.