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Ever since we Rebels hired Houston Nutt, we have become absolutely inundated with what the Rebel Blogosphere has deemed "The Shroud of the Ozarks".  That is, annoying, crazy, unoriginal, and obsessive Arkansas Razorbacks fans "sharing" their "warnings" about Houston Nutt and his coaching inadequacies, personal flaws, and comic book villain-esque plots to impede the progress of mankind. 

For over a year-and-a-half they've been at it.  There have been peaks and valleys, certainly, but it has yet to completely cease.  Their obvious insanity, per the definition of the condition as presented by Albert Einstein, will ensure this.  We'll deal, for the most part.

The part about which we may have the most difficulty dealing, however, are the non sequitor, ad hominem attacks on anything related to the State of Mississippi simply because, well, it's the State of Mississippi.  They attack our reputedly poor educational system, income, infrastructure, etc. when, in reality, Arkansas is right on par with the Magnolia state (fact: the average Arkansan household earns a mere $82 more per pay check than the average household in Mississippi; if the dues to join the "not a psycho asshole from Arkansas" club are eighty-two bucks every couple of weeks, then sign me the fuck up).  They're insecure about something, I posit, and to mask this insecurity, they rail on other states who aren't much worse off than they. 

But why?  Arkansans are more prone to this than Alabamans, Louisianans, Tennesseeans and the like; all states which also possess closeted skeletons.  The answer, per my overly-simplistic and ultra-convenient submission, is that it's really, really easy to find Arkansans doing stupid shit on the Internet and they want to distract you away from it!  It's simple, really!

But, enough with me, my theories, and HATE HATE HATE; on with the YouTube!

This guy will be in the Grove near the Alumni House. Bring 30 bucks and a blanket.

"Fuck waitin' five minutes to get a chain man.  Let's do something incredibly dangerous to both automobile and human life and put it on the INTERTUBES!"

Dear Humanity: We apologize for, in some fashion, providing for Soulja Boy. Signed, Mississippi.

PS: And Shirley Q. Liquor. Also, somebody teach whoever to hold the camera upright next time.

If you've got 'em, share 'em.  I see that campbell4heisman has already done so in the FanShots.  Nice work, sir or madam.