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Rebel Roundup - 10/21/09

Philosophical Questions: Ole Miss Edition |
Get 'em while they're stale!  Houston Nutt jokes!  Houuuuuuuuuuuuuston Nutt jokes!  Right here!  Get 'cha jokes, old, unoriginal and stale!  Houston Nutt jokes!  Amongst their "philosophical questions" is (paraphrased) "will any wood be brought to this game, and by whom?"   I find it a bit odd that Arkansas fans would make fun of something uttered by their greatest offensive player ever upon one of their programs greatest victories ever, but whatever.  I'll let them have their fun.  HOUUUUUUUUUUSTON NUTT JOKES!

Midseason Review: Ole Miss | ESPN
Chris Low says Ole Miss is a disappointment.  Well, sorta.  I see Snead as being the major disappointment, with the team suffering as a result.  I will say though, our losses came against the teams we Rebels were most certain we would lose to in the first place, so sitting at 4-2 right now isn't terribly surprising or disappointing.  How we do over the next two weeks will really determine the disappointment factor.

McCluster Flustered? | Brandt?
Are defenses keying in on Dex, or have our coaches tried a bit too hard to get the ball to other players.  It's likely a little of both, and Brandt writes about the subsequent drop in production from da Lil' Bastit.

Ole Miss' Houston Nutt: Arkansas Emotions Cool Now |
Knowing Houston Nutt's style, I doubt "cool," "emotions," and "Arkansas" can truly all be together in a sentence about Count Giggity--especially if that sentence doesn't contain the phrases "aren't at all" or "nowhere close to."